Sangwoo Park

Founder and Executive Chairman

Mr. Park has served as Founder and Executive Chairman of NKGen since May 2019, and a director since December 2017. Mr. Park has served as the Founder and Chairman of NKMAX Co., Ltd., a public Korean biotech company that specializes in the development and manufacture of antibodies and proteins, since January 2002, and Chief Executive Officer since March 31, 2023. He is currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of several subsidiaries and affiliates of NKMAX Co. Ltd.: NKMAX Japan Inc. since November 2017, NKMAX H&D Co., Ltd since June 2016, CoAsia Biotech Inc. since April 2016, ATGEN America, Inc. since February 2014, ATGEN Canada, Inc. since September 2013, and ATGEN Japan, Inc. since September 2017. Mr. Park earned his B.A. degree in economics from Korea University, Seoul Korea.