Ralph Weichselbaum, MD

Dr. Weichselbaum is the D.K. Ludwig Professor and Chairman of Radiation and Cellular Oncology at the University of Chicago. He is the Director of the Ludwig Center for Metastasis Research and holds over 30 patents in gene therapy and angiogenesis inhibitors with radiation and chemotherapy. He was the first to report on the role of radiation therapy and its role in immune response. Dr. Weichselbaum has over 600 publications and is the co-editor of Cancer Medicine, a comprehensive textbook on cancer. He has focused his career on translational research in cancer and defined the role of radiation damage and DNA repair in human tumor cells during his time as a faculty member in radiation therapy and cancer biology at Harvard.

Dr. Weichselbaum was the head of radiotherapy at Dana Farber/Brigham and Woman’s Hospital making significant contributions to the treatment of head and neck cancer with combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In late 1984, Dr. Weichselbaum came to the University of Chicago and established the first department of radiation and cellular oncology. He was awarded the Hines Professorship in 1992 and the Ludwig Professorship in 1998 at the University of Chicago and named Head of the Molecular Oncology program in 2000. Dr. Weichselbaum was a founding scientist at GenVec and Convergence Therapeutics and was a consulting scientist for Medigene.