NKMax America to Present at 2019 Innate Immunity Conference

Presentation will highlight progress in NK cell expansion in cancer patients and phase I trial timeline

NKMax America announced today that Paul Song, MD, CMO and COO of NKMax America, will present at the 2019 Innate Killer Summit taking place at the Hilton San Diego.

Presentation Details:
Event:  2019 Innate Killer Summit
Date:  Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Time:  9:30 am Pacific Standard Time
Location:  Hilton San Diego, San Diego, CA
Title: The Clinical Significance of NK Cell Dysfunction and the Use of Non- Genetically Modified Expanded Autologous Natural Killer Cells with Enhanced Cytotoxicity in the Treatment of Human Disease

Dr. Song will be discussing Natural Killer cell dysfunction and the impact it has on overall human health. The presentation will include highlights of the NKMax proprietary NK cell expansion and activation process which is unlike any other process and results in an exponential increase in active CD56+ cells and cytotoxicity level. Dr. Song will also discuss potential uses for these ”Super NK” cells in the treatment of various cancers. Important pre-clinical data, along with ongoing and proposed clinical trials, will round out the presentation.

About NKMax America

NKMax America, Inc. is a biotech company specializing in autologous Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy utilizing our proprietary cell expansion and cell activation technology. This therapeutic technology was developed as a complement to our first-in-kind in vitro diagnostic test which measures NK cell activity using only 1 ml blood.

For more information on the company, please visit www.nkmaxamerica.com

NKMax America Contact

Paul Song, MD

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